Simple to use, simple to manage

Centralized management, quick setup, IT-Lite and automatic, real-time optimization of entire WLAN

IT Lite deployment in 5 minutes or less

A web-based configuration wizard lets any computer user configure an entire WLAN in minutes. Ruckus ZoneFlex APs auto-discover the ZoneDirector. Centralized management and automatic, real-time opti­mization of entire WLAN.

Advanced WLAN features and functions

Advanced wireless networking features include rogue AP detection, interference detection, band steering, airtime fairness, role-based user policies, rate-limiting, hotspot and guest networking services

Smart Mesh Networking streamlines costly and complex deployment

Integrated Smart Mesh Networking technology automates deploy­ment, eliminates the need to run Ethernet cable to every Smart Wi-Fi access point. Adaptable architecture with Hybrid Mesh extends the wireless network through Ethernet-connected APs, increasing system


Thin 1U rackmountable footprint
Easy discovery from PC using UPnP
Manage multiple locations and ZoneDirectors with FlexMaster
Two 1100 Mbps ports for full redundancy
Lifetime warranty coverage