Fujikura 28S

Model:Fujikura 28S Fusion Splicer

The Fujikura 28S Fusion Splicer is designed for high-end FTTH splicer applications in FTTX, Data Center / LAN, and Access Networks. It offers an active V-Groove alignment single fiber splicer for reliable and improved splicing performance for a range of different fibers; SMF, MMF, DSF, NZDSF. it is applicable from 125μm cladding diameter/up to 3mm sheath diameter fibers with sheath clamp. It produces an automated tube-heating time of 30 seconds (single mode 60mm).

Applications and Fibres:
• Singe-Mode Fibre, Multi-mode Fibre, Dispersion-Shifted Fibre (DSF), Non-Zero Dispersion-Shifted Fibre (NZ