Ubiquiti AF-5X

Ubiquiti Networks continues to disrupt the wireless broadband market with revolutionary technology at breakthrough pricing by introducing airFiber X, a modular airFiber radio system that will serve a wide range of frequencies and is designed to be compatible with a variety of Ubiquiti antennas. Building upon the proven design of the airMAX Rocket system, airFiber X allows you to customize airFiber backhaul links or upgrade existing Rocket Point-to-Point (PtP) links. The first airFiber X model is the AF-5X model for use in the 5 GHz frequency band.

Product Details

 Operating Frequency: 5150 - 5850 MHz
 Dimensions: 8.9 x 3.2 x 1.9 (224 x 82 x 48 mm)
 Weight: 0.77 lb (0.35 kg)
 Power Supply: 24V 1.2A PoE GigE Adapter (Included)
 Power Method: Passive Power over Ethernet (42-58VDC)
 Rocket Mount Compatible, GPS Pole Mount (Included)
 Operating Temperature: -40 to 131° F (-40 to 55°C)

Additional Information

 500+ Mbps, aggregate throughput
 120+ mi (200+ km) range
 Worldwide License-Free 5 GHz frequency
 Intuitive airFiber Configuration Interface

 Range: 200+ km
 Up to 500+ Mbps Real Throughput
 Full Band Certification including DFS
 Operates using the 5 GHz Band
 Hybrid Division Duplexing (HDD)
 10.6 bps/Hz Spectral Efficiency

Ubiquiti AF-5G34-S45